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DTH Customer Information Fetch API

DTH Customer Info provides the customer information for your queried DTH number. The API provides information like the customer name, the client plan, strategy amount, customer balance and so on. Applying this, the invoice payment provider can verify the customer details before processing the petition.


This eliminates the dilemma of sending a recharge to the wrong number. Also, the API returns the information about the client plan information, to identify which is the plan. The invoice payment provider can then produce the recharge to the respective plans.


Before, the suppliers need to double verify the customer details, and in the event the plan amount or the customer subscriber ID was incorrect, a recharge could have sent to the wrong provider.


This API eliminates the problem by displaying the customer details before processing to get a recharge. We cover all the major providers in the market for this API. The API supports a REST API call in which the data like API key, customer identification and the provider code is now passed.