Payment Gatway

Experience the Future of Flawless Payments with PlanetCTechnology! Embrace worry-free online payments with PlanetCTechnology cutting-edge security. Our encryption shields your financial data, providing peace of mind. Join the countless satisfied customers who trust PlanetCTechnology seamless, secure, and hassle-free payments.

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Here is a few of the awesome Services we provide.

Professional Services

Professional services firms have the capability to provide their clients with the flexibility to distribute payments over an extended period.

Our Products

Planet C Technology Payments is the comprehensive solution that caters to all your business payment and banking requirements.

Collect Payments

Planet C Technology Payments enables you to effortlessly gather online payments across diverse channels while simplifying reconciliation.

Safe and Secure

At Planet C Technology, your peace of mind is our utmost priority in today's digital age. Our payment gateway is designed for top-tier safety.

API Integration

Robust API integration bolsters payment security, ensuring safe and protected financial transactions.

Our Partners

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Payment Gatway

Go live quickly with Planet C Technology for easy, feature-rich online payments.


Easily send secure payments to banks, UPI IDs, and wallets using our versatile platform

Instant Refunds

Swiftly handle refunds for all transaction types with our advanced solution.

Payment methods

A variety of payment methods provide flexibility and choice for hassle-free financial transactions


Transparent Pricing for Seamless Transactions. Choose the Plan that Fits Your Business.